Living and working in the modern world, while your brain runs a mile a minute.

“Weird, abnormal, scattered, too excited, too anxious” — those are just some words that people have used to describe me. I never really understood why I stuck out like sore thumb, no matter where I went.

Everyone from teachers to employers told me:

“Why are things that are easy for…

Product Design Question for Product Management Interviews

When I was studying for product management interviews with Google, Facebook, DropBox and many other start-ups this was quite a popular question that people got asked.

What is this question about?

This question can also be asked in many other ways like “Design an alarm clock for seniors” or “Design Lyft or Uber for someone…

Answer Strategic Questions for Product Management Interviews

What is this product management question about?

This is a very typical strategic insights question which asks how you would enter a new market! The interviewer can also ask “What market should AirBnB enter next?” or “If you were the CEO of AirBnB what would be your strategy for AirBnB for the next year or two?”


Strategic Insights and Analytics Question, for Product Management interviews.

What is this product management question about?

This is one of the more complicated questions I’ve seen come up in Google Product Management Interviews. This product management question, combines a few interview types together.

  1. Strategic Insights Question — where you should first identify opportunities for the company/product to increase revenues.
  2. Execution Question — after selecting your strategy…

Answer Product Design Questions for Product Management Interviews

Do you have a Product Management interview coming up? If so, chances are you will be asked a product design question like “how would you design a travel app” or “how would you improve Google Maps?”

Product design questions can be really tricky, since the interviewer is looking for big…

A funny thing happened when I added “Product Management” to my LinkedIn profile. People start asking me “HOW?”.

I never planned on becoming a Product Manager. …

I’ve been in Beijing studying and working for about 9 months now. I constantly looked for adventures and wanted to get my last spontaneous trip in before going back home. …

ParseHub, our visual web scraping tool, launched in September 2014. We had our first 10 paying customers within a few weeks of launch. Here are 7 tips that we found useful on our journey and how you too can get your first few customers.

1. Don’t rush

There is a lot of pressure…

While still at University I landed a dream internship in Asia. In 6 steps I will share how you can also have the most memorable experience of your life.

During a sweaty summer morning, with one suitcase at hand, I found myself standing in the middle of a hyper busy…

Angelina Fomina

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