Living and working in the modern world, while your brain runs a mile a minute.

“Weird, abnormal, scattered, too excited, too anxious” — those are just some words that people have used to describe me. I never really understood why I stuck out like sore thumb, no matter where I went.

Everyone from teachers to employers told me:

“Why are things that are easy for…

Strategic Insights and Analytics Question, for Product Management interviews.

What is this product management question about?

This is one of the more complicated questions I’ve seen come up in Google Product Management Interviews. This product management question, combines a few interview types together.

  1. Strategic Insights Question — where you should first identify opportunities for the company/product to increase revenues.
  2. Execution Question — after selecting your strategy…

Angelina Fomina

I’ll help you do the work you love! Product Manager — Facebook, Oculus VR, Shopify.👇Free product management course

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