• Patrick Allin

    Patrick Allin

  • Ripudaman Singh Kushwah

    Ripudaman Singh Kushwah

    To know more about me, check out my website at: ripudamansk.com

  • sakshi


  • Perry Petrozelli

    Perry Petrozelli

    Contributor @thrive. Whippet 🐾 nut. Ramen 🍜 enthusiast.

  • Jinyan Zang

    Jinyan Zang

    I am interested in using policy to improve tech’s impact on society. I work in management consulting and studied economics at Harvard University.

  • Peeyush Yadav

    Peeyush Yadav

  • Ronak Gupta

    Ronak Gupta

  • Baker Baha

    Baker Baha

    Product Leader & Entrepreneur based in Toronto. I help build and launch tech for various industries. Runner👟 Muay Thai🥊 Comedy🎤 Mindfulness🙏

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