How your ADHD brain is f*cking you over

Do you also live with ADHD?

Embrace Your Ways

Don’t be so hard on yourself

Learn to embrace your ups and downs

Learn to Work with It

Deal with your constant boredom

Get help with the little things

  • Find what you like and share responsibilities that you don’t like with your partner or room mates. If you like cooking, make dinner and ask those around you to take care of house chores. If you like washing the dishes, delegate shopping for home essentials to someone else.
  • Automate! Use delivery services for your groceries, pre-packaged meals and get meal instruction kits sent to you. Set pre-payments on your credit cards. Use a chat bot that reminds you to pay your bills. Set up auto transfers to your RRSP and robo-investment accounts.
  • Delegate! Some services are worth the money, for the peace of mind — like a tax consultant or even a virtual assistant that you can pay $10 to deliver flowers to your mom on her birthday. You can even try to delegate the planning of your social life to a very extroverted friend, in return for unconditional love and gifts.

Minimize Decisions

  • Shop from the same stores. Uniqlo for 10 pairs of the same, long sleeved, different colored shirts. Pants all from Zara. Blazers all from Zara. Sweaters all from Banana Republic.
  • Delegate. I made a Pinterest board with my ideal style and asked my mom and grandma to go shopping with me. Within 3 hours they helped me pick out everything I need that looked like my Pinterest style for the next 2 years. Maybe you have a trusted, fashionista friend or family member too?
  • Hang clothing in advance on one hanger — pants + shirt =10 combinations for the next two weeks of work.

Find people that love you for who you are

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