So you want to be a Product Manager?

How do I become a Product Manager?

If you think you will be good at doing something, like product management, ask yourself what skills you already have to do the job well, and what skills you will need to develop.

Tip #1: Play to your strength, improve your weaknesses

Now, do the following:

Resources that helped me along the way:

Where do Product Managers come from?

Jobs that people have before switching to Product Management

Tip #2: Work on product teams

Two years in another product role is 100% worth it. Product Management isn’t a sprint. It’s a life-long career with continuous learning. A few years in a different role will help you learn a tangible skill and how product teams work. It will set you up for success long term.

The people a Product Manager works with

Tip #3 Switch into Product Management from the inside

Tip #4: Build things end-to-end

You should do this! Why?

Try some of these “0 to 1” side-hustle ideas:

Tip #5: Study products, not process

Tip #6: Put interview prep on your calendar

Check-out this step-by-step PM Interview Prep Guide I made to help you practice for product management interviews at companies like Google and Facebook.


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